Time Warp (Again)

It does feel a little as though I’m living in a time warp, at the moment. Days are rolling past without much distinction and weeks just keep vanishing when I’m not looking.

I didn’t get that job. The interview was very relaxed, very informal, and very short. We got on well and I think I gave a good impression but the agency who called me (apparently everything had to be routed through them, since they handled the application) said that another candidate had more experience than me.

I was a tad irritated, although not really very energetically, because during the interview not a single word was said about experience. They didn’t ask me anything about the kind of work I’d done before, or want me to enlarge on the details in my CV. So really, if they were going to decide on the basis of experience there wasn’t actually any need for an interview at all. But I suppose it would have been possible that the more experienced person was obnoxiously appalling, and then I might have got the job instead.

Ah well. I’m still searching and applying, although there are far fewer jobs around now – I guess the summer rush, such as it was, is over. The cleaning agency tried to contact me about a one-off holiday cover job, but by the time I called them back it had been taken by someone else. Next time I will get it!

My friend Lawrence has been staying here for most of this week. He was here for a night last week and then went home for the weekend, and came back on Monday. He left this morning because he’s working this weekend. It’s been great to have someone around every day – John has gone on holiday and mum is working full time so I would be alone and without transport otherwise. We haven’t done a whole lot; I went to the doctors, we both went to the big town to shop and see a film, I had the job interview and then we drove around a bit, we’ve watched lots of DVDs and cooked meals and generally hung out. It’s great to have a friend I know so well that he can just come and stay without any kind of pomp and ceremony. He comes over so often that he has his own bed in the office – other people use it too when they come to stay, including my brother, but we refer to it as Lawrence’s bed.

Speaking of my brother, he and I and our dad and dad’s partner Gill are off to Scotland on Wednesday. Our granny isn’t very well and has moved into a home, so we’re making the long trip up to see her and hopefully fitting in some day trips on the way. Then lil bro will come back with me and spend the week here, hopefully with a trip to see Harry Potter and maybe some other fun things. When we planned it I had been worried that I would be working, and therefore he’d be left on his own, but no such problem has arisen. Silver lining?

This weekend is the final proper church choir weekend before the summer holiday, although we do have our patron saint’s festival at the start of August. So I’ve got choir practice tonight, I’m at the hospice tomorrow (I’ve been ill with bronchitis all week, so completely unable to go) and then on Sunday it’s the last morning service. It will be very odd to go to a church service and not sing in it. I have only done that about five times in the last ten years.

Last night mum had her monthly Ladies’ Guild meeting. They always have a little competition which members can enter; this month it was a decorated cupcake. Mum nearly always enters, because you get a point just for entering and most people don’t enter everything, so it is possible to win the overall prize even if you never win a monthly one (and she often does). So we were all experimenting with decorating cupcakes – I’m not sure it was quite Lawrence’s kind of thing but he gamely smeared some icing and stuck on some chocolate swirls. Turned out that piping butter icing through a cheap piping bag is hard! And very greasy. Mum finished a nice one and went off with it (she won by being the only entrant, although I suspect she would have won anyway), and I made up some strawberry icing from a packet mix, and tried out different designs. My conclusion? Cupcake design is not my calling, but it is fun.


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