My To-Do List is a Mile Long Today

I have to write to two separate banks, one of which is based in France. I have to bite the bullet and sort through at least three years’ worth of paperwork which I’ve been shifting round the house but has finally ended up on the table in my room – a room which my grandpa will be staying in while I’m away next week. I have to vaccuum and clean and tidy. I have to do some laundry. I have to pack.

Tomorrow I set off to Scotland with my dad, Gill and Xander, plus the world’s largest and hairiest dog. I’m not sure whether I’ll have any chance to blog while I’m there, but never fear, it is unlikely to be very exciting anyway.

This post is short because I can’t really think of much to say, and I have to go and rewrite my letter to Nationwide so that it sounds less threatening and more persuasive without resorting to begging. Tricky…

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