Unexpected Productivity

Ever since I got back from Scotland I’ve been struggling with what is colloquially called “brain fog”. I’ve forgotten things that happened minutes before, I’ve had trouble reading (not just concentrating, but actually working out what the words say), I’ve mostly lain around reading or on the computer until my headache got too bad and I had to have a nap.

But today, when I woke up and waved my brother off to catch his train, I discovered that the fog had cleared a little. My head still aches and I am still having moments of “where did I put the… what was I looking for? Oh, it’s there… why did I need this?”, but instead of staring vacantly at Terry Pratchett books I’m doing useful things!

So far I’ve rung National Express about the duplicate ticket I don’t need; college about whether or not I’m allowed to go back (jury’s still out), whether or not I can have a room in college (yes!), which room I can have (one in the building I wanted! Success!), when I can move in (five days later than I need to arrive… problem), and whether my stuff can move in without me (no); various Cambridge hospitals about various non-medical things; and I think I rang someone else too but I can’t remember.

It is very odd to have this sort of productivity wave after so many days of being a bit useless. It isn’t so much that I haven’t done anything for the last few weeks, it’s just that everything, including standing up from a chair or drying up after a meal, has been exhausting. Today an unexpected surge of energy has carried me through. I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow, but at least I’ve got a lot done today!

Tomorrow… tomorrow John’s son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren arrive to visit. Four children under the age of 12 in my house. Overnight. I hope my headache can cope. I’ll be sleeping on a campbed in the back living room, which is an improvement on the initial suggestion of a tent in the garden.

It’s been a visitor-heavy week, with my brother here since we got back from Scotland (he was planning on staying for a week, but we persuaded him to stay for two), my mum’s sister and brother-in-law here for two days leaving this morning, a distant relative of John’s here for lunch at the weekend and now the six visitors tomorrow. I think we’re all feeling a bit exhausted and I don’t even want to think about how much bedding we’ve washed.

Next week I’m off to Bath and then Whitby, which I’ve been looking forwards to for ages! It’s a bit of a packing nightmare, but I suppose it’s good practice for the sheer hell that will be trying to get all my stuff back to university. I won’t go into details since it’s far too complex for anyone to care about, but basically I have to be in two places at once on October 1st, I have to be in Cambridge before I can move in, my stuff can’t get there without me and it’s all spread across two counties.

What I really need is a personal assistant. Then I could lie in a darkened room with a damp cloth on my head until this constant headache goes away.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Productivity

    • Thanks – I think we have sorted it now, maybe, but I’ll bear it in mind 🙂 I have a LOT of stuff to move back in, I’m pretty sure it expanded since I moved out!

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