Another Look at my Search Engine Terms

I just went to have a look at my site stats, which I do ever so often to find out whether anyone is reading what I write (I was pleasantly surprised! It can’t just be one very dedicated reader because several pages are read more than once in a day).

I can’t pretend to be surprised that my blog has been found 57 times by people searching for information about their hands smelling like vomit. I think I created a rod for my own back there. I was rather surprised to find “may, why do my hands smell like vomit?”. I’m not sure who would have been searching for that but I do have my suspicions…

Eight people were looking for information about weird green bugs. I doubt they found anything useful here, but at least they now know that they’re not alone in being perplexed by insects.

I was pleased to see that at least six other people have concerns about invasive questions on job application forms. For the record, I didn’t hear anything back from the BBC Watchdog about the outrageous application form I got from the hotel and the shop. Clearly we’re going to have to hold our own revolution on the matter, fellow bloggers.

And I would like to know what three people were looking for when they searched for adlibgapyear cat. I have to assume that they were looking for my blog, because that’s a very odd search term otherwise, but I’ve only mentioned cats twice (and once was in reference to butchery and actually was about rabbits).

Finally, my best wishes to the person who found me by searching for “”jobcentre are lying that they gave me a payment”. I know exactly what you’re going through. I’m sorry I wasn’t much help.


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