Two Weeks in Limbo

I hate packing. I seem to have done quite a lot of it in the last few years but it hasn’t got any more fun.

Packing to go away on holiday, even if it’s several weeks of holiday, is fine. I’m a very efficient clothes-packer and I travel light, so it’s never more than one bag and it’s done in twenty minutes.

But packing to move? Horrible.

At the moment I’m very gradually packing up and moving boxes into the garage, ready for when my dad comes to collect them and take them down to uni. Thankfully I didn’t really unpack most of my stuff when I came back here in November – who needs a second set of saucepans in a house already well stocked with utensils? – but even so, my room is littered with things that will, or might be, essential, or at least useful, when I’m living on my own again.

I feel as though I’ve forgotten what sort of things I’ll need to take. I’d totally forgotten about bedding, which is daft since I change my own bedding whether I’m at home or at uni, and I probably wouldn’t have packed any if my mum hadn’t reminded me. I’ve packed up my kitchen stuff and gathered up towels and stationery, and now I can’t think what else I need to take. I know there’s got to be a lot more, because the car was full when we brought it all home, but I can’t remember what it all was.

Part of the problem is probably that I can’t quite believe I’m going back. I still haven’t heard back from the college about whether or not I’m officially allowed to – it’s getting ridiculous now, I sent the medical forms to them two months ago. I know in theory that there are only ten days left before I get on a coach and head down for Commem, joined a few days later by dad, Gill, and a van full of my possessions, but today feels exactly like all the other days since April. I’ve lost my sense of urgency, because I haven’t had to meet a deadline since November.

On the positive side, repacking the boxes of kitchen things to save space gave me the chance to see what was in them and look forwards to cooking again. When mum and John go away on Friday (yes, they are leaving me and not coming back until I’ve gone), I’m going to have a festival of cooking and try out half a dozen new recipes while there’s no one here to complain about the results. Can’t wait to use my cast-iron skillet and my shiny new kitchen knives.


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