The End of the Gap Year

Well, it hasn’t been quite a whole year but it’s certainly felt like one! Today I’ll be moving back into college, ready to start the new term on Tuesday.

I’m excited, definitely, and I’ve been anxious to get there for days – I was in Cambridge at the weekend for a choir thing, and having to leave for a week was very frustrating! I caught a train across to Cardiff, where my dad and Gill were visiting Gill’s family, and we’ve been pottering around visiting people and places for the last few days. But this evening we’ll arrive at college and I’ll finally get to move into my new room.

I went to have a look at it on Saturday, and was pleased, it’s a nice room with plenty of light. But no bed, oddly. I’m assuming there will be one there by now. Hopefully they won’t have taken out either of the two comfortable-looking armchairs to make space for it. And I’ve got a table! Just a small one but it’ll be so good not to have to eat my meals sitting on my bed or at my desk.

This coming year will be interesting and busy. As well as the choir, which will take around 10 hours a week (plus singing lessons), I’ll hopefully be tutoring at least one person in english. I had originally agreed to tutor a five year old for four hours a week, but I realised it would just be too much of a time commitment. The alternatives are much less time-consuming – one is two one-hour sessions, ten minutes away from college, and the other is one hour every fortnight, fifteen minutes away. I don’t know for sure if either or both will definitely happen but I think I could manage both if they do. And having an income will be very useful.

It’s a very hot day again. I only packed winter clothes for this week, and everything else is inaccessible in the boot of the van. There’s a strong possibility I might melt before we arrive.


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