And We’re Off!

Well, Tuesday might have been nice and relaxed but it’s got hectic since then. Wednesday was filled with academic meetings, a two-hour choir rehearsal and a whole bunch of reading and administrative stuff. Today lectures started.

I’m continuing to wake up early, which I think is maybe a good thing as it gives me an extra hour to work in – I don’t get any work done after about 8pm because my brain shuts down, so if I go to bed earlier and get up earlier it opens up extra day. But that kind of relies on getting to bed at a reasonable time, and midnight is not a reasonable time. No logic behind why I was up that late after being sensible all week, but there we have it.

Nine o’clock lecture, ten o’clock lecture, eleven o’clock singing lesson, lunch and a bit of reading, and then I fell asleep in the armchair where I sit to work (good light, no laptop to distract me). Oh dear. This is how it started last year. But I think it’s the normal tiredness that comes from getting up earlier than normal, getting less sleep that needed and from being superuberbusy.

So I didn’t get the four hours of reading done I’d planned for in the middle of the day. I did manage to force myself to wake up and get out of bed for my four o’clock lecture (it was a close thing – I was still asleep at four but thankfully lectures start at five past the hour and the lecture hall is very, very close). Then five fifteen choir rehearsal, six thirty evensong, and a seven thirty self-defence class I’d had doubts about but thought I’d try just once because KT wanted to go and I said I’d go too, just to try it.

So now it’s twenty past nine and I’m beyond ready for bed. It’s been a really good day though, apart from the panic that the impromptu two-hour nap gave me. My singing lesson was revelatory – I can already feel the difference in my throat and I FINALLY have someone who knows what is wrong with my voice and more importantly how to fix it. I have a feeling that she is going to be a lifeline this year.

The self-defence class was hard work and I’m a bit uncomfortable with the whole concept of a self-defence class, because of a whole host of issues about creating fear of attack and suspicion of men etc, plus the fact that I get to read all the legal cases about what happens when people attack someone “in self defence” and wind up in prison. So yes. But it was interesting and fun, and very good exercise! I am so incredibly unfit. I used to be able to put my forehead on the floor when seated. I now can’t even reach my ankles with my hands. I think I’ll go back purely for the structured exercise each week.

Might need to rethink meals though. Because you’ll notice that there was no time for food since lunch. Even my super-organised meal planning and advance cooking and freezing doesn’t help if you just can’t face starting to cook at 8.45pm.

Thank goodness, no choir tomorrow. I love it and I think it’ll be a huge help for anchoring me mentally and emotionally, but we’ve had a lot of choir this week. An evening off is just what I need.


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