An Epic Weekend of Busy

My weekends seem to be shaping up to be busy all the time! Last weekend Anna was visiting, Abha had a birthday party, StuMo had a decade-in-Cambridge party, the college had a book launch that I didn’t get to go to because of the aforementioned parties, and Brian Blessed was just wandering around booming. So far this weekend I’ve been to London to see Pilgrims’ Way, who are excellent and on an upward spiral of success and renown, had an extra tutoring session (we’ve moved to two a week now, although the weekend one will be flexible due to commitments on both sides), met several friends for chats, picked fruit in an orchard with the choir… that’s it for now. Tomorrow I have a rehearsal for the solo I’m singing in evensong next week (so exciting! I’ve never sung a solo in a service before) and then normal choir.

I think tomorrow might also be the day I do seven hours straight of work, because I’ve got almost nothing done so far today. All that fun has worn me out! I was going to do three or four hours this evening, but I’m utterly exhausted. Instead I’m doing all the jobs that take up time during the week – planning meals, tidying up, dealing with email, timetabling my week, working on my writing group which has just had an application explosion (we now have nearly three hundred members! Good grief. When I started the group five years ago there were fifteen of us) and generally doing all the life stuff that isn’t degree work.

I was talking to Ruth earlier and she commented on how much happier and more positive and inspired I seem. I think she’s right. This year, for the first time in years, something has gone click. I’m doing a lot of thinking, a lot of reading, a lot of lecture-attending, and it is working out. This is how university was supposed to be!, I keep thinking, and I’m so glad I figured it out while I still have two years to go.


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