Where is the Time Going?

Tomorrow it will be week four of term! I can’t believe how fast this term is slipping by – almost half way already. I booked my train tickets for the Christmas vacation last night, and I went to see the finance tutor about funding for the summer vacation this afternoon. It seems mad to be planning summer already, but it’s got to be done – the plan is to spend it in America, so I need funding, a visa and possibly a new passport (due to an unfortunate incident involving pasta sauce in a not-very-sealed tub).

Work is mixed this week. The weekend was ridiculously busy, and I have no idea where Saturday went – I didn’t do a single bit of work all day. I saw lots of my friends, rang my mum, had a tutoring lesson, picked a lot of apples, and must have done something else because that is not a full day’s worth of stuff. I also fell asleep at 7pm which might have contributed a little. Sunday I did a bit of work but had an unexpected visitor for most of the day and evening, and extra choir as I’m singing a solo this week.

But enough work got done to get by. Irritatingly, my second supervision today (moved from Monday to 12.30, and then to 4.00) was cancelled – for a very good reason, but at no notice whatsoever. So I needn’t have rushed the work. Nor, for that matter, packed my passport and a tub of pasta in the same bag in circumstances where dropping the bag was likely. Oh well. It meant I had an unexpected hour to hang out with some of the other girls in my year, which doesn’t happen much. We went to Claire’s Accessories to look at Halloween costumes and laugh. It was nice to spend some actual sociable time with them, it hasn’t really happened much.

Today I also spent a small amount of time socialising with a girl from the choir – I had to go to her college for a training thing, and we cycled together then sat in the bar until it started. It’s odd that we spend 8 hours a week standing next to each other in chapel but had never really chatted for more than a minute at a time before. She’s really nice; lots of the choir people are really nice. I’m looking forwards to next week – we’re having a pizza and ice cream social (it clashes with law formal, which of course I’m utterly and completely devastated about, honestly… nothing I like more than posh formal dinners with lawyers…).

On balance, despite the tiredness and lack of time to cook proper food – thank goodness for my freezer stock, is all I can say, but I’ll have to do a big cook this weekend to refill it – it’s been a really nice week. I know it’s only Wednesday, but my work weeks start on Monday/Tuesday and finish on Tuesday/Wednesday. No more supervisions until Tuesday! It’s like a tiny holiday. Apart from the essays.


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