Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is my favourite event of the year. I love this season, as the very end of autumn slides neatly into winter. I love the feeling of being outside in the crisp, cold air but wrapped up warm. I love the atmosphere at public bonfires, with everyone taking pleasure in being outside and watching the fireworks. I love the Bonfire Night food – parkin, treacle toffee, baked potatoes. I even love the history of Guy Fawkes; a uniquely British event that hasn’t been bloated and contorted by American consumerism.

For the last two years I’ve missed out on bonfires. In first year I was holed up in the theatre rehearsing my first theatre production, and I can’t remember what I was doing in second year but I suspect it was sleeping. So I am excited about this evening! I would have gone to the bonfire alone if necessary. My tutee is possibly going – he has never been in the UK on November 5th before, so I passed the details along to his mum. I think it’s an important cultural event for him to experience, and I’m sure he’d love to taste a toffee apple!

This afternoon before the bonfire I’m going to an open day at the Faculty of Education, not out of interest for the courses they offer but to hear several talks on children and books. I am not completely certain what to expect, but it sounds pretty interesting. Also there will be free cake, and I have never been known to say no to free food unless it comes with a side helping of lawyers.

So this morning I have been blitzing next week’s supervision work. The pressure is off a little, because on Monday we are finally having the supervision that had to be cancelled a fortnight ago. I’ll look over my notes again before I go, but there’s no more work to be done for it. It means I can get started on Tuesday and Wednesday’s work this weekend rather than squashing it in around lectures on Monday and Tuesday.

An exciting thing arrived through the post yesterday – a book of five complimentary tickets for any day-return journey on First Capital Connect services! I had signed up to their newsletter doubting that they’d really be able to keep their word on the free tickets but they have! The only difficulty is that they have to be used by December 31st 2011, and I have already booked my tickets for the long journey north and back. I’ve got a couple of friends who need to make a trip to London before Christmas so I’ve offered them a ticket if they want one, and I’m considering going there myself for New Year. It’s nice to have the option to travel without the worry about cost!

Now back to my reading. I’m having a slight sense of deja vu – I’m sure I’ve covered this topic before, and I doubt it’s due to rememebering reading it last year because I don’t, and it is exaggerated by the fact that the lecturer also wrote the textbook also wrote the supervision handout. At least I won’t need to revise this stuff for the exams, it’ll be engraved into my brain in indelible marker.


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