A Sociable Week

At last, people are starting to drift back to college and I am no longer the only person on my corridor. For the last few days I’ve been very social, having dinner and coffee and afternoon tea and port & cheese and all kinds of merriment with lots of different people. I’ve also discovered that it is much easier to focus on work when I’m not the only person in the building – I suppose the idea that other people are also here, working outside term time, is motivating me a little. Plus although the library is still pretty empty, there is a handful of people around. I always find I concentrate harder when someone else might be able to see me getting distracted…

The other excitement this week is that I have been shopping! I took full advantage of the Lakeland January sale and have bought lots of things of varying usefulness: a tiny bin for my desk and a set of glass storage jars are my favourites (to the amusement of several of my friends, I am in the process of transferring all my dry food into neatly-labelled jars in an attempt to discover what food I actually own).

I’ve also ordered a clutch of CDs. My music collection has been fairly stagnant lately – other than albums I’ve been given as presents, I haven’t really got anything new for about five years. If anyone had been around last week they would have heard me dancing around my room to Shirley Bassey. Today’s new arrival was B.B. King.

Not a lot of great excitement has really happened though, I’m afraid. The revision wends its weary way onwards, although I do seem to be doing a lot more work on the subjects which I don’t actually have exams in, whilst the two mock exams next week have been a bit sidelined for being boring. I’m justifying it on the grounds that the real exams in summer are the ones that matter and if I work at the subjects I care about, and the one that I find horrifically confusing (land law, I’m talking to YOU) then the other two will just slot into place eventually. I hope.


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