An Adult All Over the World

As of last Friday, I’m now of legal age in every country (or at least, as far as I know). I’m not usually very bothered about birthdays, and it always amuses me to see how few people send me a happy birthday message on Facebook in comparison to a friend who was born exactly a year before – her birthday is visible on her profile, mine is not, and as a result she receives around 50 messages while I got precisely two.

But that doesn’t mean no one knew about it! On Thursday several of my friends from choir went to formal hall and I was hugely relieved when they weren’t given permission to sing to me until we’d left the hall. We went on to the bar and then wound up in someone’s room playing Articulate until the small hours of the morning. Then my mum arrived at Friday lunchtime to spend the weekend with me and we went out to dinner. When I got back I discovered several friends had been to my room in my absence and my door had a poster on it, with presents and cards slipped underneath.

Saturday morning saw mum and I making an epic four-hour trip into town to buy almost everything ever. The Veggie Roadshow was in town and we spent a rather excessive amount of money buying delicious things (and the woman running the veggie sweets stall gave me an extra packet and a toy koala when she found out it was my birthday the day before), before heading down Mill Road to buy even more things. Then a mad dash to Sainsbury’s before hauling our bags back to college for an afternoon tea party with three friends and a phenomenal amount of cake.

Today we woke up to half a foot of snow, which has made getting around quite comical. Mum set off at noon, after half an hour of clearing snow off the car, and I’m about to head out to choir early in the hopes that I might make it there without falling over. Wish me luck!

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