Something Fishy

My room has a peculiar smell of fish. It appeared around a week ago, after chapel supper when the non-vegetarian option had been fish and chips, so I had assumed that the (rather improbable) explanation was that I had somehow transferred the fishy aroma from the dining hall to my bedroom.

A week later that is seeming less likely.

Googling this sort of thing is often a bad idea because it can put all kinds of scary ideas into your head. If I am to believe the half-dozen results I read, the fishy smell is caused by wiring in the walls overheating – soon to cause an electrical fire and kill us all, no doubt.

I suppose it’s some comfort to know that the college fire alarms are definitely functional.


2 thoughts on “Something Fishy

  1. Might just be an overheating mains plug or socket. Unplug everything in turn, checking that the mains plug’s pins are not hot, corroded or discoloured.

    • Can’t I just assume it’s a sneaky herring that got in somehow?

      OK I have checked all the plugs and come to the conclusion that the smell is in fact mushroom skins rotting in the bin. So I shall take the rubbish out and see if that helps.

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