Going Home

It feels like a very long time since I left Cambridge. It is, really – three weeks, three very busy weeks. Tomorrow I’ll be getting a coach and a train back (a compromise between cost and efficiency – just coach would have been cheaper but longer, just train quicker but more expensive; this way is tolerable in both camps) and immediately getting back into my usual routine by cycling out to the hospital. I had been anxious about how I would let them know I couldn’t come in to volunteer, as I had been expecting at the start of the three weeks to be home by Wednesday, and then a string of events happened which meant that I didn’t have to make a 9am apologetic phone call to cancel.

There are several exciting things lined up for the next month. I’m going on a three-day retreat with the college chapel, just before term starts, and then the following week I’m being baptised. The week after that my mum and her mum and stepdad are coming to visit, to see me being confirmed at the university service. After three years of just missing confirmation services at every church I’ve joined, it’s finally the right time, and I’m glad it didn’t happen earlier now, because I wasn’t ready.

In less churchy news, exam term will be getting going and revision will be kicking off. I’ve been doing a bit over the last couple of weeks but it’s hard to concentrate here and I’m hoping I’ll be more efficient back in the seclusion of the library. It will help that there aren’t any cats or dogs to distract me there.

There will, however, be quite a bit of choir. Things quieten down a lot during exam term, with one rehearsal of the week cut out entirely and two more shortened, but in the first few days before lectures start we have additional rehearsals to make up for it. I’m guessing we’ll be making plans for our summer tour to America as well – it feels a lot closer this side of easter! I need to get myself sorted to find some travel insurance that doesn’t cost the earth, and save up hard so that I have some money to spend while I’m out there. I have very little idea how much things cost in the States.

June is shaping up to be quite exciting as well – from June 14th onwards I’ll be buzzing around the country going to training days, open days, concerts, recording sessions, a special service in a very exciting place, weddings and all kinds of things. It gave me a bit of a jolt to realise that other than a couple of windows of a few days each, I don’t really have time to visit anyone again between now and the end of September. It’s nice to have a full diary again (this time last year the future was looking very empty and bleak) but it’s a little alarming.


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