Feng Shui Procrastination

On Thursday afternoon I suddenly was overcome by an irrepressible urge to vacuum my room. This could be because the alternative was reading interminable chapters of a book about prisons, but I prefer to believe it was out of an inherent desire to make things clean and tidy. Ahem.

At any rate, I got stuck in and vacuumed thoroughly. I even moved some of the furniture! It was quite the adventure, particularly considering that I hadn’t cleaned up since early February. I discovered an entire colony of dust bunnies living under the radiator.

Then I realised that the alcove with my window in it is just big enough to fit my table, which doubles as my desk. For several minutes I pondered the possibility of moving my armchair out of the alcove and putting my desk there, and then moving my bureau into the space where the table was so that the chair could go where the bureau sat. The purpose, I think, was to create a second workspace where I could sit and make notes from my textbooks without the distraction of my laptop four inches away. My plan was sadly foiled on two counts: one was that the cables for my study lamp and internet connection are not long enough for the table to move, and anyway my laptop wouldn’t fit into the bureau when it closed which would be annoying, and the second was that I can’t actually move the bureau more than about three millimetres without putting my back out. So that plan was foiled.

However, I did tackle the appalling jumble of papers which I  had been storing under the folding top of the bureau.

Remember this mess? Imagine it twice as bad and then double it.

Remarkably, it didn’t take me very long to sift through the contents, pick out the treasures and discard the rest. I discovered that I apparently am an inveterate collector of empty white envelopes. I get paid each week in cash placed inside a small, otherwise unused envelope, and for some reason I keep them all. Well, not any more! The new improved me will no longer horde unused and unusable envelopes on the off-chance that I might some day buy a small card without its envelope. The new improved me instead has a tidy selection of filing slots, and a clear work surface for her books and papers.

And the new improved me is off to take advantage of exactly that work surface by swivelling 90 degrees to the right. Exciting times.


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