Tiredness and Reader Issues

I have considered posting here over the last few days, but I haven’t found the energy. My new strategy of getting up early backfires spectacularly when I end up staying awake later at night than usual. I somehow have managed to skim two hours off my sleep time from both ends. I’m hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend and then get into a sensible pattern for next week, which will mean politely but firmly informing friends who come round for the evening that I need to go to bed at ten thirty. I love hanging out with my friends and the social life here generally takes place after 9pm when people have usually finished working for the day, but I’m finding it hard to function at the moment.

Another reason I haven’t been posting is that I haven’t been logging in, because my WordPress reader has stopped working. I’m finding it incredibly frustrating to click on the button looking for my list of blogs and instead getting a blank page with the character 0 on it. I hadn’t realised how symbiotic my blog relationship was.

I’ll be back soon, I promise. Nothing much has happened this week, to be honest.

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