Revising my Schedule

Alternative title: Revising: My Schedule.

This week marks the first week of proper exam preparation. Lectures have basically finished, other than two remaining recap lectures, and supervisions are finally over. The first exam is in under three weeks, and I have begun to tackle the issue strategically.

There is no way I can learn all the things. No one can ever learn all the things. In the past I might have attempted to do this, but I am older and wiser now. Instead I have printed out past papers and am working on a different subject each day, identifying the questions I could have a stab at answering and the ones I couldn’t even think where to begin. Yesterday and the day before, most of the questions fell into the former catergory. Today I came across at least three of the latter, just from one exam paper. Eek.

Every year at this time I realise that if I had worked more effectively during the year things would be easier now. I think I sometimes forget, however, that this form of learning only really works after the foundations have been laid. Had I been presented with an exam paper at the start of the year and told to find out what the answers were, I think I would have run away screaming. Now, even if I can’t think what on earth I would write, I can identify the topics and locate the information. That’s encouraging, at least.

Currently I’m enjoying my half-hour tea break, which actually is devoid of tea but did include a slice of fruit loaf. In a few minutes I’ll set to and do another two hours of work before my lunch hour. Two more hours after that and I’m likely to be losing interest and concentration. I’ve learnt to work with my own limitations and apparently I am not capable of concentrating on one thing for more than two hours (which bodes ill for the three-hour exams, but generally the fear sets in and time speeds up). After a substantial gap for choir and food, I’ll tackle a final two hours before collapsing into bed. So now you know why I’ve not posted much lately – there’s nothing to tell. Wish me luck!

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