Premonitions of Summer

We didn’t really have a spring this year, did we? The weather here, at least, and presumably elsewhere in the UK, has been a bit mad – miserable grey winter-type days, interspersed with hot sunny summer days.

This week we’re in a run of hot sunny summer days. And I’m melting. Tomorrow I’ll break out my new summer skirts and shoes, assuming that I can bear to put the shoes on over the blisters I rubbed wearing uncomfortable trainers earlier in the week, but even switching denim for cotton is unlikely to stop me from wanting to just lie down in the fridge.

According to the internet, and my reliable sources living out there, the USA is going to be at least this hot, if not hotter, all summer. It could reach 30 degrees celcius in August. Today it’s been about 22 and I’m feeling a bit sick. Oh dear. Wish me luck.

Incidentally, I went to buy some sun cream the other day and it was £15 a bottle. I almost passed out, and then I walked out again in the optimistic hope that it might get cheaper later in the year. Unlikely, I realise.

5 thoughts on “Premonitions of Summer

  1. I’m starting to think that sunscreen is a scam. And it’s not because I’m one of those kooky people who don’t believe in skin cancer or think sunscreen causes skin cancer. It’s that last year I learned that my family of four should use up an entire bottle for every outing. Otherwise we’re not getting the coverage promised by the SPF rating. A WHOLE BOTTLE. Every time we go out in the canoe?! I’ve been using the same bottle for years! And it’s not that big! No wonder I have skin like a leather saddle.

    Guess it’s just as well I live in a place where is snows 8 months out of the year.

    • A WHOLE BOTTLE? At £15 a time?! That’s outrageous. And I don’t believe it’s true either. They should make it more concentrated and not charge so much. What are they putting in the stuff, gold dust?

  2. It’s 22, and that’s hot? Where are you, again? To me, 22 is a lovely spring/early summer day. In fact, if I could organize things to suit me, summer temperatures would range from 20 to 25C. Right now in Ottawa it’s 29C (humidity making it feel like 36). Now, that’s unusually hot for this early in the summer, but perfectly normal for July and August!

    I’m quite lavish with the sunscreen with the toddlers, less so with myself, because yes, that stuff is expensive! But when I say lavish, I’m not using a quarter of a bottle! I was told by a dermatologist that you should use roughly an ounce (a shot glass full) for the exposed areas of your body (depending on how big you are).

    • I’m in England, in the south-east which is a little warmer on average than the north where I’m from (I realise that the distance from where I live now to where I was born is probably about the same distance you drive to buy your groceries, but it’s a long way to me!). To be fair, lots of people here love this weather. I just seem to be incapable of regulating body heat. Also, I prefer to wear long-sleeved things so this weather isn’t ideal for me.

      • Though we do have enormous distances in this country, and do it more routinely than you, probably, I consider anything longer than two hours interminably long, whether I’m behind the wheel or a passenger. Not a fan of driving, me.

        My in-laws are 3 and a bit hours away, my mother, 7.5. I haaaaaaaate making those trips. Oof. About as much as you hate hot weather, I suspect!

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