One Exam Down, Four to Go

Today was my first exam this term. It was also my first actual exam in two years (I’m not counting the January mocks, which were helpful as a test of our progress but had no bearing on our grades).

It went well! It was my contract law exam, which is the subject I struggled with most at the start of last year and the one I ended up feeling most confident about. Being supervised one to one with my director of studies was a huge help, because she could focus on what I was concerned about and also had the time to debate points and get me to really think about issues properly.

The exam paper was great, although not everyone in my year agreed – it didn’t follow the pattern of the last five years (because a different lecturer wrote it) and people who had tried to predict the questions fell down. It had one essay question which had me beaming; it was almost identical to a question I had set myself during revision, and I had a strong argument for it. Two further questions were complex and took a lot of planning but I was relieved to discover I could remember most of the important case names to back up my points. The final question, another essay, was not as successful – I couldn’t remember any relevant cases, so I decided to base my answer on careful logical reasoning and references to statute. It may turn out to have been way off base, which would bring my grade down, but I’m hoping it won’t. Overall a good feeling about this one.

My hands and arms ache, and my head is not keen on the idea of going straight into more work, but I have to because tomorrow morning is my next exam: land law. I’ve worked hard over the last few weeks to get myself on track with land, but I floundered so much during the year that for a lot of my “revision” I have actually been straight-up learning the material. Tonight’s challenge will be memorising the critical facts and cases and hoping they stay in my brain until 12pm tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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