Guess what I’m doing today?


My favourite activity…

I have to be on a train at 3pm on Tuesday. Before then, everything I own must be divided up according to whether I will need it next week, the week after, in America, or not until October. The final category must be put into two 1m cubes of storage space, and the other three packed into various bags and suitcases to be put… I haven’t actually figured that part out yet. Somewhere.

Thank goodness for friends, I guess. Stumo has generously agreed to hire and drive a van for me on Tuesday, and a couple of other people have offered to come and entertain me while I pack. Packing might be one of my least favourite activities I have to do on a regular basis (except possibly chasing flies around my room, trying to get them out without killing them, which I have spent more time doing for the last three days than I would care to admit).




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