Home, Temporarily

I have reached Indiana where I’ll be spending the next two months and I’m settling into the cutest little attic nest – it has sloping ceilings which I can just stand under, and a huge walk-in closet which is almost as big as my room was in uni this year. I have acquired a canine friend to keep my company while my friend Edith is at work (it’s her dog – I didn’t just steal a dog from the street) and tomorrow I’m going to scope out the neighbourhood for places to Skype from, since the only internet here is via Edith’s phone.

The choir tour was interesting; several times I got sick of having people around all the time and I think I was also pretty tired a lot, so I just got ratty. But we sang in some amazing places and I got to hang out with my friend Christie before she moved back to Canada at the end of the tour. I’m starting to adjust to the ridiculous heat – some days it has been approaching 40 degrees, and almost every day it’s been over thirty. Boston in particular was really hot and pretty humid too. We’re having thunderstorms here which is clearing the air nicely.

Jet lag was almost completely a non-issue thanks to our flight being timed during the evening US time, night UK time – we arrived at about 10.30pm local time and fell into bed exhausted. Then I woke up at 6am the next day totally over any body-clock confusion. But it does mean that I’m forgetting there’s a time difference; anyone who would have expected to see me on Skype by now, I keep logging on at what would be 2 or 3am in England. I’ll get into a routine soon, not least because I have to start video-camera tutoring on Thursday!


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