A Quick Update

It’s been a while since I updated anyone other than my parents on what I’m up to, so here we are! I’ve been a mixture of busy and relaxed – busy because I’m working on half a dozen different things, relaxed because I’m spending hours reading, walking the dog, lying on the sofa and playing on Edith’s Wii.

Visiting Chicago was fun, if a little rushed. The train journey out felt a lot longer than the journey back, probably because we left late and the train was full. Stumo and I wandered round the centre of Chicago, went up to the top of a tall building and admired what the leaflet assured us was a view of four different states, but looked mostly like a very big, flat city and a ridiculously huge lake with a nice sandy beach. This time I didn’t go anywhere near any clothing shops and neither did I eat an ice cream bigger than my head, so I’m counting that as a successful trip.

Other than a couple more day trips to Michigan and Indiana’s fine selection of small lake communities, I’ve spent most of my days wandering between the house, the library and the cafe with good internet. I’m juggling my midwifery distance course, which was sadly neglected during term time and is now due in a terrifying two weeks, my personal statement and UCAS application, research for my dissertation, updating the files for my NaNoWriMo support group, Skype tutoring and proof-reading my student’s mother’s dissertation. Today I discovered the wonders of the Wii Fit, and went for a run after a shameful five weeks of lazing. I’ve also rather terrifyingly been driving Edith’s car, sometimes without her in it as well, which has had its hairy moments but to my surprise has been without incident so far. If I get brave enough (and if anyone ever replies to my letters) I might even drive it to visit a prison or two.

Last Thursday I heard from my dad that my grandmother had died. She has been ill for most of my life, in various ways that didn’t seem to put a halt to her gallivanting, but for the last couple of years she has been fading slowly and getting increasingly confused. Last week she went suddenly downhill and now she is gone. I can’t afford to fly back for the funeral, but I will be remembering her and her intriguing, not particularly maternal but very active, life. And then I will be driving to Indianapolis for a gaming convention. I think she would have approved.


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