Ready for the New Year

Term starts in the first week of October, and I’ve been making arrangements for the last few weeks. I had to figure out when I’d be moving back into college (in fact I rather messed up – I’m moving in two days before my rent officially starts, so I have to pay extra) so that I could give notice on my storage unit. Choir starts up tomorrow for one service and then into a busy schedule the following Saturday, and I got my lecture timetable a couple of weeks ago.

This year’s timetable is pretty good. I have one 9am lecture (on a Monday, of course…), one 10am and the rest are between 11 and 4. Nothing that will clash with choir or tutoring, only one slightly inconvenient gap between lectures  and a couple of two-hour lectures which is new for me. Choir is on the same days as before, and I’ve got a new tutoring student for Mondays and Fridays. Somehow I let Louise talk me into going to a dance class on Monday nights, and I’ll be a chapel warden which means an extra service most weeks. So much for doing less this year! But I say that every year.

My research for my dissertation has gone pretty well this summer so far, despite the failed trip to the prison in Wisconsin, and I just downloaded Scrivener to organise it. I spent the evening working through the tutorial and it seems even better than I hoped. Is it a bit sad that I’m looking forwards to organising my notes because of a new piece of software?

Early train tomorrow. I only seem to have been here for five minutes – mum stayed in the hospital overnight yesterday so we went to see her in the late evening after I’d had a nap. I intended to go with John to pick her up this morning, but after waking up naturally at 8 and having  breakfast I fell back to sleep until lunchtime. Hopefully it’s just about the end of the jet lag. It will have to be!


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