The Agonies of Unpacking

Although I technically moved back into my room on Thursday evening, my stuff didn’t all arrive until half five on Friday, so it is today I must spend tackling the boxes.

My rather over-optimistic plan had been to get moved in on Friday, and then spend today cooking meals for the freezer until choir this afternoon. Since most of my kitchen stuff is still packed, that plan is on hold. Term doesn’t start properly until Thursday and I only have a couple of things to do before then, so the cooking can wait.

Unpacking is probably my second least favourite activity, after packing. At the stage I’ve reached it’s almost impossible to do anything efficiently, because the boxes are just in the way. At the moment I’ve got a half-unpacked suitcase which is lying next to the bureau. All the clothes which will live in the bureau have been taken out of the suitcase and put into the drawers, but now I have to get the clothes which need to be hung across the room and into the wardrobe, and there are half a dozen boxes, three bags and a beanbag in the way. Getting from the door of my room to the sink in the opposite corner is like dancing a delicate ballet followed by some handsprings across the bed which juts out into the centre of the room and takes up even more space. The upshot is that I would far rather sit at my computer, with all the mess behind me, so that I can’t see how much work there still is to be done.

Not a long-term solution, though. And on that note, back to unpacking. As several people have pointed out, this is the last time I’ll unpack in this college. I’m not sure how sad I feel about that at the moment.



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