Christmas photos!

Yes, it’s true, I did say that my camera was broken. My camera is broken – the display screen no longer displays properly. If you squint very hard and there isn’t too much light on the screen, it is possible to make out the outlines of objects with lots of contrast… such as, for instance, the wooden lattice on a window. By taking lots of pictures and peering closely I managed to get a reasonable shot of the tiny tree.

The ornament to branch ratio is roughly 1:1

The star is no longer lopsided; I managed to coax its branch into staying vertical. There are also more presents underneath now, as I finally finish wrapping the gifts for everyone I’m seeing this Christmas. Gifts for people being visited in January will be wrapped after Christmas, because frankly I’ve had enough of wrapping paper for now.

This photo is so bad I almost didn’t add it, but I wanted a shot of the tree with the curtains closed and the improvements to its posture. It is nigh impossible to take a photo without a viewfinder or screen – I had to point and shoot with nothing more than optimism to guide me, hence the terrible focus. Believe me, this was the best of eight attempts.

It’s not blurry, it’s soft-edged…

The table which the tree is on is my desk, normally absolutely covered in paper and books I’m meant to be reading for my degree. The books have migrated to the top of my bureau, which is actually a far more sensible place – right next to my folders, which I need if I’m working anyway. The paper has been shoved into a box which will have to be sorted through before term restarts because I’m fairly certain that essential lecture notes are somewhere in that pile.

Also on the table is my nativity scene, a gift from my grandparents last year and currently constantly in danger of being knocked over whenever I open or close the curtains. I keep shifting them forwards and then needing to move them back again to wrap something or slice pizza or something. Basically I need another table.

And she laid him in an invisible manger

I have stuck my Christmas cards on the mantlepiece. By some odd chance all the horizontal ones are non-religious and all the religious ones are well-shaped to be hung from the top left corner. I still have space for two more, hint hint… preferably one horizontal secular one and one vertical religious one! Not that I’m picky or anything.

I had quite elaborate plans for today, including vacuuming the floor, going into town for last minute shopping (which will be EVEN WORSE tomorrow), starting to cook, doing all the washing up, putting on two loads of laundry and getting some work done. Well, the laundry is done, and some washing up has been started – all the lids to my plastic storage boxes are clean and dry, as is all my cutlery. And if you count writing two sentences about breach of trust to be “getting some work done” then I have succeeded in at least starting three of my tasks. Which for me is quite an achievement! Tomorrow, however, I will have to finish all of them, even the one that involves braving the centre of town on the last Saturday before Christmas. That’s non-negotiable sadly; I need vegetables for Christmas dinner and an adaptor for the only-suitable-for-cigarette-lighters-in-cars airbed pump, not to mention the Christmas present awaiting collection. I have a small confession to make: I was fully intending to buy another airbed, one which came with a mains pump, for twice the price of the one I already have and the useless pump combined, because I had not thought of buying an adaptor. There are definite advantages to being in a relationship with a scientist and sensible problem-solving is one of them.


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