Snippets from my Week

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, having caught the cold that’s been making its way around the choir, and around the town in general. For a while I was concerned it might turn out to be flu, which is also rearing its ugly head in places, but so far so good and I’m still mostly vertical. Thankfully illness week coincided with a week where my workload isn’t too heavy, so I haven’t fallen behind.

Lately I’ve been trying to develop some new habits. The plan is to change up the habits every month or so, once they’re ingrained into my routine. This month I’m keeping it simple: getting enough sleep, eating properly, spending time with friends… three things which have all been particularly useful this week. Sleep is the main one at the moment. I don’t think I’ve slept this much since I had the fatigue disorder two years ago. Hopefully it’s the cold that has made me feel as though I’m actually getting more tired the more I sleep.

Illness and tiredness aside, I had a great time today with the two little girls I babysit. The younger is ten months and the elder is two and a half, and I’m watching them grow up before my very eyes. Having not seen them for around a month over Christmas, I was astounded. Baby M is sitting up, crawling, laughing! A is speaking in almost-comprehensible sentences and playing imaginary games! After a nap, a lot of playing, a bit of foot-dragging over tidying up the toys and extended wrestling with the double stroller we went to the park. It was so nice to spend a couple of hours hearing two little girls laughing to each other. Sometimes spending all my time with adults can be wearing.

Last night I sprinted out of choir and sprang onto my bike (perhaps not quite as athletically as that sounds), and cycled at top speed across town. I was impressed with myself – it took me precisely the 13 minutes Google had informed me it should, despite the unpleasant hill mid-route and my general lack of fitness. I barrelled into a Mexican restaurant where my friend Abha was waiting, having helpfully already ordered my veggie burrito. The reason for all the rushing was that we had just three quarters of an hour before we needed to head up to the cinema next door to watch Les Miserables.

Except that when we did get to the cinema, all tickets to the evening’s final screening of Les Mis had sold out. I had vaguely considered pre-booking, but three weeks after its release it hadn’t seemed necessary. It was a happy accident though, because after a bit of humming and haahing we decided to see Lincoln instead.

People, go and see Lincoln. It was astonishing. I didn’t know a great deal about President Lincoln, beyond a few key details, but my overall impression (which has been confirmed by people who do know more than I) was that it was quite historically accurate. But more than that, it was just thought-provoking and excellently made. I intend to buy it on DVD so that I can watch it again, and possibly again, and maybe again after that.

This weekend my mum will be coming to visit, and in rather unfortunate timing I have a mock exam (slap bang in the middle of Saturday afternoon… it’s a good job I like the subject!). We’re going out to dinner with a group which will include a lot of my friends to celebrate a birthday – not mine, although mine is this weekend. By a weird coincidence the choir is filled with people who share birthdays. So far I’ve heard of four pairs of people born on the same date, and this week four of us will turn a year older in the space of three days. Perhaps there’s something about certain dates that encourages musicality? Who knows.

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