Revision Motivation

Term has ended, and in its place revision has started (I’m easing into it gently this week, since I have some 7-10 hour choir days to work around). This year is, at last, my finals year which means that I am a little more interested in getting good grades – not stressing about it, but motivated to work. It helps that of my six papers, I am interested in five of them and only finding one of them impossible to follow… and oddly, those exceptions apply to different papers, which will hopefully help me not to fail either of them.

But wanting to do well this year isn’t sufficient motivation to get me to sit down and concentrate for hours at a time. No, what I’m relying on for serious encouragement is a sticker chart. Yup, I’m six years old again, and I have no shame. I’ve drawn up a fairly ambitious but still achievable schedule that has me focusing on each subject for 24 hours in total over the next six weeks. The plan is to tackle them in two three-hour sessions on rotation, and for every completed hour I can add a new coloured dot to my chart. So far I have four dots and am currently on a tea break mid-way through earning a fifth.

It’s funny how it seems to help. Even when I’m genuinely interested in what I’m doing and even enjoying the process of revisiting and summarising my notes, or researching and writing my dissertation, it can be tempting to get distracted by something else. Having a goal to aim for, even if it’s something as simple as sticking a small coloured sticker onto a piece of paper, helps me to stretch out my attention span for a little longer.

And on that note, time to wash the remaining bowls soaking in the sink, switch off Shirley Bassey and get back down to work.

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