Welcoming my Food Blog!

For three years now I have had a food blog hosted over at Blogspot. However, I’ve been pondering for a few months now whether I should move it over to WordPress, because I prefer the interface and would like to connect my blog presences to one another. Today I made the decision to actually do it!

I also thought about merging the two blogs, but I wasn’t sure that was even possible and in the end felt it wouldn’t really work. They have separate purposes and separate characters. However, if you’re interested in reading about what I’m cooking, plus occasionally trying out some recipes, then have a look at Faint With Hunger.


6 thoughts on “Welcoming my Food Blog!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Like you I too took a year out of my law degree due to illness. HAve had a quick read and so much of what I’ve read brings back memories of student life. I’ll be back when I have some more time to have a longer read.

    Good luck with the writing of your dissertation.

    • Hmm, I am sure I just replied to this but WordPress ate it. How interesting that we both had the same experience! Perhaps you are a representation of my future 🙂 Thanks for the luck – the dissertation is going well so far but the deadline is looming.

  2. How long have you had the pretty new template? (Ages, I’m sure, and I’ve just outed myself as a terrible, negligent blog-friend, I’m sure.) Anyway, I like it.

    I had no idea you had a second blog! A food one at that!! Off I go to check it out!

    • Haha don’t worry, not all that long. I’ve probably only posted once or twice since changing it, and one of those posts is this one! The food blog actually predates this one, but I realised that only about three people were reading it over on Blogger.

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