One Step Closer to Decisions

Well, I got my exam timetable. I was waiting impatiently for it because I was optimistically hoping that my last exam would be before the start of my lease on the new flat, but… nope. Three in a row the last days of May, then one the following Wednesday, then a great big gap before the final exam on the following Tuesday. June 11th, what is this madness?! Anyway, it does actually mean that I can go up to the flat for a few days and revise there instead, which will be excellent in the extreme. I went into the kitchen to reheat some dinner this evening and three girls were sitting around playing “who has done the least revision?”, which is sort of like a boasting competition except in reverse and tinged with no small quantity of panic. And exams don’t even start for over a month. By mid-June the atmosphere will be so thick you can cut it with a ballpoint pen.

I also had a job interview for the summer job, and they seem to be considering me for the four-week post on a law-specific course. I think the interview went ok, although it’s impossible to tell with these things. I should know within two weeks, which coincidentally is how long it will be until I know about the midwifery course. Good job I have things to distract me for the next fortnight: a train crash of last-minute supervisions, my dissertation to edit, my friend’s dissertation to read through (in return for her doing the same for mine), three PhD chapters to proofread asap (I’ve warned her that “asap” is not all that s just at the moment) and hopefully somewhere in amongst that heap of reading a bit of revision… Roll on summer!


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