Exciting News!

I got an email yesterday… I got a place on the midwifery degree! I couldn’t believe it, I was all ready to get an email on May 9th saying that there weren’t any places left. I’m resisting the urge to start buying things for the course, because anything I buy now I’ll just have to move in June. Much more sensible to wait and buy what I know I need once I’ve moved… but it’s hard!

I also managed to finish my dissertation yesterday (other than the bibliography – that’s today’s project) and bought a beautiful dress for the dinners, garden parties and weddings I’m going to this summer. My diary and I had a long chat about what my summer will look like, and fortunately everything seems to be falling into place: my pre-course registration day at the new uni is two days after my graduation from this one, and my dad is happy to drive my stuff up to the new flat in his van. Fortunately my room licence here runs right until the day before graduation, and we can stay for two nights over the weekend which means no faffing or moving earlier in the month. Hurrah! Then if I do get the summer job, that starts two days after the registration day and finishes about six weeks before the course begins (a summer holiday!).

So yesterday was a pretty good day all round. Today I need to bash through the finishing touches on my dissertation and polish off the work for Tuesday’s supervision. It might also be a good idea if I did a bit of washing up… I have no clean plates, bowls or mugs and only a handful of cutlery. Roll on the new flat with a kitchen sink and a draining board! I’m determined to get straight into good washing up habits once I move in.


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