Hoof, I’m tired. Somehow this week has got very busy. Saturday night I stayed up until after midnight finishing my dissertation. I could have left the last few formatting touches to Sunday, but I knew I only had two hours free during the entire day and I didn’t want to risk not getting it done until the last minute in case something went wrong (it didn’t – I handed it in ahead of the deadline yesterday and all was fine, but you never know).

Sunday I stayed up until after midnight because, uh, I don’t know really. No actual reason. Poor self-control I guess.

Yesterday I stayed up until after midnight because we had supervisors’ dinner and then a dissertation hand-in party. Because of the dinner, we didn’t make it to the party until ten, and we stayed for longer than I had realised. Both events were our last opportunity to see the women who have supervised us for the last year, or in some cases the last four years, and it was a lovely evening.

But then I had to get up this morning to write an essay before my 11am lecture, and tonight I will be staying up until after midnight because I’m going to see a comedy show with a friend I bumped into in the street last week, after a year and a half without seeing each other. I don’t want to bail; we probably wouldn’t manage to reschedule.

Tomorrow I will be (are you seeing a pattern yet?) up until after midnight because it’s choral compline – a service which happens once or twice a term and starts at 10pm. Actually if I come straight home and go to bed I could be in bed by 11, which I think will probably be essential because frankly, I am already worn out. At least now that exams are a month away people will stop inviting me to things, but once again I’m relearning the lesson that I need to be realistic. Time to take the advice I was given last week: schedule “me time” into my diary. 10.30pm appointment with pillow. 1.30-4.30 meeting with past paper questions. 8am date with the shower. I have to stop thinking that non-scheduled time is free time.


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