Summer Job Success

I got an email last night to tell me that I have got the summer job I applied for! It’s a month’s role which is the best of both worlds for me – I’ll earn enough to cover my rent for two months but I won’t be leaving my new flat empty all summer. It also doesn’t clash with my week’s holiday in August and although it does overlap with two choir events, I’m hoping I’ll be able to do at least one of them – they seemed to think it should be possible when I mentioned it at interview.

I’ve been joking to friends that since my week is going so well, I should buy a lottery ticket, but I don’t really think I’m going through a lucky patch. I’ve been working towards these goals – the midwifery degree, having my own flat, getting this job – and although I’m certainly fortunate that the opportunities have come up at exactly the right time, I don’t believe in blind chance. Pity really, it would be nice to win a big chunk of money. Perhaps I’ll buy a ticket just in case…


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