Making Plans

Revision for my exams, which start in just under three weeks, is pottering along not quite as quickly as I might hope, but at least it is happening. Inbetweentimes, I am making plans. It’s one of my hobbies. I’ve tracked down farmers’ markets, leisure centres, parks and shops near to my new flat, discovered interesting events happening over the summer and written them in my diary, checked out the cycle routes to places I’ll need to visit, and of course begun writing a shopping list.

Thanks to a generous gift from my grandmother, I have a budget of £500 to equip myself with everything I need for the new flat and the course: books, shoes, clothes, the sorts of random items that you need when you move into your own home. After four years in halls, it’s the little things I’m scared of forgetting: toilet paper, cleaning products, spare light bulbs.

I’m waiting until I have actually started to buy the things that people on the internet have assured me are essential: fifteen million black ballpoint pens, a fancy diary with wipe-clean meal planner, my own stethoscope, some Lots to Remember cards (I have looked at them and decided I can make my own for 1/10th of the price) and half a dozen other things I can probably do without. But I was very excited today when four new textbooks arrived – a midwifery dictionary, a core text, and two anatomy and physiology books. A&P is what I’m most concerned about, so I bought a workbook to get a head start over the summer.

Weirdly, it’s the academic side of the course I’m most excited about. I think that’s probably because I just can’t picture what it will be like to be on placement. My time volunteering on the ward wasn’t really the same, but I know what it feels like to attend classes and lectures, make notes and write essays. The university also provides a virtual tour of the facilities on its website, so I’ve been exploring that and picturing myself at one of the desks in the library. In case it wasn’t already obvious, I like to live in the near future – imagining how things will feel, what they’ll look like, what the structure of my days will be. I can’t wait until we start and I can find out for real!


3 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. Hello.
    Just a silly stranger commenting here.
    I saw a comment of yours on agirlcalledjack’s blog today and for some reason clicked over to your blog… and then spent a considerable amount of time reading through a good part of it (including the huge post ‘On Education and Ambition)! I found it quite interesting to read about your ordinary, day-to-day experiences, as well as your plans and ambitions, especially since we seem to be at a similar stage in life. (and you sing. and you’ve got a food blog. and you want to be a mother. and you’re a fellow Christian, if I’m not mistaken. and you’re a list maker and planner. See, very interesting 🙂 )
    You seem so excited for your midwifery course, quite the change from studying Law! Your enthusiasm in this blog post made me smile. (I do wonder how this change of career plans came about, but that’s just me being incredibly nosy. I also deviated from the standard career path I was supposed to follow.)
    Anyway, to end what must seem like a creepy comment, I want to wish you good luck for those final exams and for all your future endeavours!

    • Hi Lora! Not creepy at all, don’t worry! I love to hear from people who read my blog, sometimes I feel I’m just broadcasting into space and the only people who ever see my posts are my close friends and family (and a tiny handful of polite bloggers who have reciprocated when I followed their blog) so it’s good to know I connect with new people sometimes 🙂 Do you have a blog too? Sounds like we have things in common! To be perfectly honest I wonder how the career change came about too. I guess I just wasn’t called to be a lawyer. Actually I knew that all along, I just hadn’t figured out what I was meant to be doing instead. Thanks for the luck!

      • No, I don’t have a blog. I wouldn’t know what to write about tbh!
        I’m glad you’ve figured out what you’re really meant to do before getting stuck in the wrong career; I’m still slightly confused in that area.
        I’ll be following this blog, so I might pop in and comment again in the future.

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