Vegan Dinner Party: Success!

Vegan lasagne - served with so.much.salad
Vegan lasagne – served with so.much.salad

I am keeping this short because I was having an early night tonight, three hours ago, but the dinner party was a success! Pop over to my food blog every day for the next three days if you want to see what we ate, but what I wanted to record for posterity over here was how much I enjoyed chatting to my friends. Everyone who came is part of the chapel team, so we talked about how the Anglican Church (and indeed the Catholic Church – two Catholics lurking in our midst) faces challenges in the 21st century, and had a bit of a debate about marriage.

It wasn’t so much the content of the discussion that I enjoyed, although it was interesting, but the fact that we spent several hours just talking. Enjoying food together – food that turned out really well, thanks in a large part to my excellent-at-cooking friend Heidi – and discussing things that matter to us, with almost no mention of exams or dissertations or work stress. Probably that was because only a few of us actually have exams: out of four PhD students, an ordinand, a Fellow, a clinical-years medic, and two Finalists, only the last three must face down the papers of doom.

This is how I will feel once exams are over
This is how I will feel once my exams are over (frisbee not included)

I’m sorry to keep harping back to this but it really keeps striking me lately. When I was 18 I would have considered that particular gathering of people to be a collection of Real Grown Ups (TM). Now that I’m part of the gathering, I keep having moments of “oh hey look, that’s what it’s like to be an adult!” and then I watch a video of a cat fighting a weasel or spend half an hour googling pictures of dachshunds and realise I’m not an adult after all.

Incidentally, no one noticed the illicit partying. Apparently the definition has been revised, and a party is now “any gathering of any number of people which produces excessive noise”. I think the college authorities and the law faculty need to have a chat about legal certainty and retrospectivity. And I need to have a chat with my pillow.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Dinner Party: Success!

  1. Eating and chatting together engender love and bonding. This is the way of our maker who delight so much in fellowship and relationship. These are the bedrocks of beautiful society devoid of crimes and all the atrocities. Thanks for sharing.

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