Live Below the Line Challenge

I’m cross-posting today from my food blog because I want as many people as possible to see this post.

Now that National Vegetarian Week is over, I’m looking ahead to next month. Specifically, to the 23rd-27th June. During these five days I will be taking part in the Live Below the Line challenge, spending no more than £5 on food in total with a maximum budget of £1 per day.

It was quite hard choosing the right time to do the challenge. I heard about it in early May through A Girl Called Jack and was interested, but knew I needed to wait until after my exams. When I flicked through my diary, I was horrified to discover that after the end of my exams I didn’t have a single stretch of five days without a scheduled dinner, ball, garden party, wedding or other meal until after the end of June. The challenge officially ends on June 30th, but even if it didn’t my summer job requires me to eat in the dining hall with the summer school participants every day, so the earliest I could take part would be August. Eventually I worked out that if I took a packed breakfast with me to the wedding, for the morning after, I could fit it in between that and my graduation dinner.

How awful, to “fit in” a challenge to raise money for a food poverty-related charity (I have chosen Health Poverty Action due to their focus on health and sustainability) between extravagent dinners and events which will waste far more food that some families see in a month. It was that realisation more than anything else that made me determined to do this. And how incredibly fortunate I am that my regular, day-to-day life includes so much easily accessible, healthy, delicious food.

I have already drawn up a shopping list, attempting to balance nutrition with cost in a way that won’t leave me climbing the walls for something sweet (I’ve accounted for my dessert-cravings with some fruit yoghurts and a jar of jam). It wasn’t easy to make the list either – I had a perfectly balanced shopping basket on Sainsbury’s Online and I was feeling a little smug, until I realised that I hadn’t got any kind of fat to cook my vegetables with, or to fry or scramble eggs in, or to spread on my toast. Even the cheapest butter cost £1.20, way more than the 21p I had left over in my budget. Back to the drawing board.

In the end I sacrificed vegetable stock cubes, natural yoghurt and pasta in order to have butter. It seems almost inconceivable that I would have to ditch a 15p packet of stock cubes so that I could fry an onion but that’s the sort of decision that people have to make every day.

Please, help me to actually have an impact through this challenge by sponsoring me. A few people pretending to be living in poverty for a few days isn’t going to solve anyone’s genuine poverty, but donating to Health Poverty Action will have a real impact.


2 thoughts on “Live Below the Line Challenge

  1. Hi! I don’t have a comment response on my blog, but wanted you to know that I appreciated your comment on “Self-love” and hope that future posts in my series will help clear up some of the things you mentioned. I think you asked good questions.
    Bless you,

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