Mid-Exam Celebration

Yesterday evening, I celebrated a very small milestone of having completed 50% of my Finals (in terms of papers, rather than in terms of time) by eating the last of the curry I made for National Vegetarian Week and then going for a milkshake and some mini doughnuts with my friend Heidi. Today I’m celebrating having finished three back-to-back days of exams (including the paper I was most worried about) by going to buy clothes for Graduation and then having dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I know how to live life on the edge! It feels like the end of exams already but I still have two to go, one a week tomorrow and another the following Tuesday. But after a desperate flurry of trying to revise for three subjects at once, a full week to prepare feels like luxury. Hurrah!


4 thoughts on “Mid-Exam Celebration

  1. Three consecutive days of exams, oh my! I can imagine the relief you must be feeling.
    It’s great that you plan some time off from revising, I found it difficult to relax and take a break during the exam period (probably due to bad time management on my part), and it made me miserable, plus it’s unhealthy. Do take some time off this weekend to focus on other things, dream a bit about your future plans and admire your new clothes or stationery or whatever, it will really help motivate you for that final stretch!
    Have a lovely weekend.

    • Thanks! It was pretty exhausting, I had forgotten how tiring it is to write solidly for three hours. I do need to crack on with preparing for the next ones but with a whole week free before that, it feels like luxury 🙂

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