Meal Planning Monday – June 3rd 2013

This post was accidentally posted on this blog instead of my food blog, but I have left it here so that I don’t confuse people!

Meal Planning MondayThis week and next week present something of a conundrum, meal-planning-wise. On Saturday I am heading off to collect the keys for my new flat and spend a couple of nights there, but since I will still need most of my stuff here for the next month, I won’t be taking a lot in the way of food or utensils with me. The flat doesn’t yet have a microwave (it’s the absolute top of my list of essentials, I don’t think I can function without a way to easily reheat leftovers) and I don’t want to buy anything perishable that would require refridgeration or need to be brought back with me on the train. So I’ve been carefully collecting mini packets of things (jam, Marmite, porridge – although that will need a microwave) and planning what I can take and leave, and what I can buy and store there.

The rest of the week was fairly straightforward though. I just opened the freezer, looked at what I had, and realised that I’ll be eating pie and mac & cheese every week until I leave, and possibly twice a week. No problem in my book!

Saturday and Sunday’s meals are planned around the idea that pasta and rice can both be easily stored in the flat until I go back, and I can spare a casserole dish. I need a new saucepan anyway, after burning out the bottom of my largest pan, so I shall simply buy one and leave that there too.



3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – June 3rd 2013

  1. I cannot begin to tell you how much I envy you this meal plan. As much as I love macaroni and cheese, it’s just not practical to make it here because cheese is so expensive. As to not having a microwave – it’s doable. Not preferable, but it’s how I’ve been living for the past month (and I am definitely a leftovers person!). They’re just not common here.

    • Cheese is quite expensive here too, but probably less so than there. It’s funny what little things you miss when you live away from the foods you grew up with – there were things I simply couldn’t get in France (most notably, fruit squash, which you might call cordial but it’s not quite the same). The microwave issue is a big problem because it’s the mainstay of how I organise my meals. Most of the food I eat is cooked in a big batch once every couple of months, and then frozen in portions. I defrost a week’s worth of meals in the fridge and then reheat in the microwave. Some things could be reheated in a pan or the oven, but the microwave is much quicker. At the moment it’s necessary because I have choir until 7.30 several nights a week, and it’ll still be useful next year when I’m on night shifts or working 14 hour days. I’m sure I’ll figure something out though! That’s another thing about living abroad. I found it so odd that most of the people I met in the USA didn’t have electric kettles. EVERYONE has a kettle here, but I guess we really do drink more tea in the UK.

      • After living in Ireland, I found it impossible to live without an electric kettle. And now, after living in Asia, I’m not sure I’ll be able to live without a rice cooker!

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