The Road to Pakistan is Paved With Lasers and Moustaches

This is the weirdest, most magnificent, least comprehensible thing I have seen this year, brought to you by one of the best, most entertaining and horizon-broadening blogs on my reader.

Stupid Ugly Foreigner

“Wagah border?” Every taxi driver in Amritsar chanted this phrase to us on the daily, sometimes shouting it down the street at our retreating frames. They would shrug their shoulders, and look at us curiously. “Wagah wagah wagah?”

Charmed by their dual reference to Pacman and to a local site of interest, and found out that Wagah was the lonely road that led from India to Pakistan. Given the tightness of our visas that allowed us entry into India in the first place, and what we imagined to be similarly labyrinthine processes to be granted passage into Pakistan, we didn’t see what all the fuss was about. If we couldn’t enter Pakistan personally, we certainly didn’t want to hang around and watch people get visa stamps or submit to baggage checks.

In time, though, it became clear that this was one of the major attractions of visiting Amritsar. After you…

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