I’m in my new flat!

The internet is being VERY dodgy (I can’t get the router to work at all, I’m connected using BT Fon at the moment) so I’m off to buy a cable in the morning – stupidly I left mine at uni thinking I wouldn’t need it. I was very pleased to discover the previous tenant has left his microwave, along with a bunch of utensils, a set of pans and some cutlery, and various other bits and pieces that are quite useful. The downside is that it’s fairly noisy downstairs and upstairs, which may be just how Saturday night is. I’ve got earplugs in and I’m used to having to sleep in them so that’s fine. I was hoping not to need them any more once I moved away from the demon death rattle radiator, but no such luck. Perhaps weekdays will be quieter.

Off to bed now, I’m going to wander to the next village/town/bit of the city (no idea how to classify these things!) to the supermarket in the morning and then go on a bit of an explore. The landlord told me how to find the big Co-op when he was giving me the keys to the flat, so I went and stocked up on things like bedding and mushrooms. Public service announcement: the Co-operative’s bedding is the worst quality I have ever seen.


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