Becoming a runner

Today has been quite a busy day. I did a fair amount of cycling, a great deal of walking around and a bit of organising (mostly in the form of buying useful things like drying racks and toilet rolls). I’ve discovered the nearest location of just about every cheap shop ever – Lidl, Poundland, Wilkinson, Asda, ShoeZone, New Look… all the high street stores that have been absent from my life while I was in Cambridge. It’s a fair trek out, but manageable by bike and since Sainsbury’s is no closer, it’ll be worth the trip to do my bigger shops.

I didn’t manage to find the one thing that would be really useful in getting my flat straightened out, though, which is an over-door storage hanger with pockets for all my bathroom bits and pieces. At the moment they’re clogging up a kitchen cupboard, which means the worktop is covered in my ridiculous quantity of plastic storage tubs and kitchen appliances. I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and order one from the internet, despite the painful shipping costs.

Despite the busy day and all the trailing around, I persuaded myself out for a three mile run at dusk. I’m still not quite used to the fact that every time I go running, it gets a little bit easier. I realise that’s how fitness works, but somehow I don’t remember having experienced it quite so clearly before. I’m even enjoying it a little more. Today I could have run for longer, except for the fact that it was getting dark and I needed to do some laundry before going to bed. I had underestimated the length of the laundry cycle – it’s only just finished. And on that note, time to take it out and hang it around my room in a desperate attempt to get it dry for packing tomorrow!


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