Running out of time

As in, I have no time in which to run! My job this month has very long hours (but since we are incredibly busy, they tend to fly by – I looked up today, saw it was ten to five and genuinely wondered whether the clock was broken because it didn’t feel like seven hours could possibly have passed) and the weather is extremely hot. My working day starts at 8am, when I have to be present for breakfast, and finishes at 7pm at the earliest, sometimes later. It’s too hot to run in the evenings until after dark, so my only option is to get up at dawn and run then before it’s heated up much.

Honestly, I’m sort of feeling like I’m too exhausted to get up at 6.30am and go running before working anything between a 9 and a 14 hour day, but then I think about the fact that if I don’t, I will have lost an entire month from my half marathon training plan and I realise that isn’t an option. I’ve switched my training plan back to the slightly easier level I was initially on, not because I can’t physically manage the demanding level but because I haven’t got time to run for 35-60 minutes, four times a week. I’ll kick it back up a notch in August.

I am really enjoying this job, though. It’s very varied, and so far I haven’t managed to mess anything up too badly. I’ve forgotten a few tiny things, but the permanent staff are very on the ball and usually notice before it’s become a problem. I’m getting into the swing of it and I feel like I’m generally on top of things. Tomorrow, however, the summer school classes start and a whole raft of new tasks materialise. My jobs so far have ranged from stuffing information leaflets into cardboard files and vacuuming up flying ants to meeting with the conference manager to discuss meal bookings and making announcements about fire safety.

I’m now off to bed, at an almost unprecedentedly early hour, and hoping that my phone doesn’t ring in the night. It probably won’t, I am not anticipating any emergencies, but if it does I have to answer. Rather concerningly, my work phone has almost no signal in my room, but there’s not a lot I can do about that!


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