A Running Update

Goodness, isn’t the weather unusually summery? I’ve been telling all the summer school students that they picked the right year to visit England, but to be honest the hot weather has a downside for me: I have to run very early in the morning to have even a hope of avoiding the worst of the heat. I’ve been managing fairly well and the actual running has seemed slightly easier each time I’ve gone, but I’m still only running for short bursts of time. After having run for almost an hour several times last month, my twenty minute jogs feel like a bit of a cop-out, but there simply isn’t time for longer runs thanks to my fairly punishing schedule.

I’m still enjoying this job a lot, but I am very glad to have reached the weekend. We’ve worked long, busy days since Sunday and I’m looking forward to an evening and two whole days where all I have to do is socialise with my friends, eat meals (one of the requirements of the job is to be present at breakfast and dinner in case my students need to ask me something) and sleep. Oh, and run, of course.


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