Things are slowly getting a little less explodey round here

It’s slow progress, but my flat is looking slightly less of a mess today. I have rearranged a few things and put stuff away, and today my bookcase arrived (along with two stools – one of which I’m sitting on right now! It’s the small things in life) so soon I will be all set.

Over the last few days I’ve done quite a few things, mostly food-related so I’ve been blogging about them over on my food blog. On Tuesday I had an interview for a babysitting job, and got on really well with the mother and her 8 month old daughter. She has decided that she wants me to be the regular babysitter, but she’s still figuring out what hours she will need and how frequently. We’ll meet when I get back from Whitby Folk Week and talk it over then.

In about an hour I’m leaving for a night away courtesy of the Vegetarian Charity! I’m going to the Cordon Vert Vegan Venture cookery course, which sounds like it’ll be absolutely brilliant. I applied quite a while ago and there weren’t any spaces but a last-minute cancellation and good fortune intervened.

When I get back tomorrow I’ll have to tackle the boxes and try to clear a little more space on the floor so that we can assemble the bookcase. I also badly need to vacuum in here – the problem with having blonde hair and a dark blue carpet is that it’s very obvious when you haven’t cleaned recently!

The flat across from me is coming available next week. I did consider seeing if I could switch my lease – the rent is not a lot more, and the flat is a fair bit bigger – but I am not sure I could really afford the higher rent and I don’t want to move again just yet. I’ll keep my eyes open for the next time it is up for rent, though. It would be nice to have two rooms!


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