Back from Whitby and three weeks to go…

…until I start my midwifery training! It feels so close this side of my holiday. This week is dedicated to finishing tidying up, and then sitting down with my textbooks and doing a bit of advance study. Some of the other students will have just finished a human biology course, or an Access course specifically for midwifery, or maybe worked as a maternity care assistant, so they’ll already know a lot of biology. I haven’t ever studied human biology… eek!

Whitby Folk Week was a lot of fun, and also a lot tiring. The first night I was horribly ill, which I suspect was due to food poisoning from a vegan wrap I bought on the way. Not a great way to start the week. I did a couple of clog dancing workshops, went to several fantastic concerts (and a couple of less great ones – not because of the music, but because the venue was too small and overcrowded, and people talked loudly over the performances), danced at ceilidhs until my legs ached, power walked up and down several extremely steep hills which made me feel better about not going for a single run in the last two weeks, and went to a Harry Potter-themed ceilidh dressed as Hannah Abbott. The other people in our stewarding team were all costumed as well: I particularly liked Fluffy the three-headed dog, as worn by a pair of 12 year old twins and their 13 year old sister, Aragog (who won the costume prize, it was spectacular), two ghosts with unsettling white face paint and a frankly dangerous centaur outfit constructed from piping and string. It was great fun getting ready, and we were quite an impressive sight as we walked through town.

I got back last night and a midwifery friend stayed over, so this morning we ventured out to find a cafe that was open for brunch – all I have in the cupboards is porridge oats. The one I wanted to go to was shut for the bank holiday but we discovered a different one at the other end of my road, which I hadn’t even noticed before but which did an excellent veggie breakfast very cheaply.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been slowly moving towards being vegan. I’ve stopped buying anything which isn’t vegan (with a single exception – on the way home I bought a Burger King veggie burger meal, after a long discussion with the server and two other staff members about whether it was vegan… which it would have been if they hadn’t put cheese in it…), and once everything I already own which isn’t vegan has been used up, I will officially be animal-products free. It’s a lot easier when I’m at home than when I’m away but despite the temptations of everyone else’s food at the campsite, I managed. Possibly I ate too many Ginger Nut biscuits (vegan!) and dark chocolate, but still.

Now that I’m home, I’ve received my provisional uni timetable and started the enrolement process. It’s feeling quite real, and quite unreal at the same time. Three weeks tomorrow, I start.


4 thoughts on “Back from Whitby and three weeks to go…

  1. Whitby Folk Week sounds interesting. Dressing up must’ve been lots of fun.
    Don’t worry too much about your lack of biology knowledge. You also have skills that some of the other students might not have – you’ve been through one degree already and know what higher education is like. And you’re passionate about midwifery, so I don’t think you’ll mind learning all those little details that are seemingly unrelated to actual midwifery practice, but help you understand how it all works. I’m sure you’ll be up to par soon enough.

    • Thanks! I hope I will be able to keep up, rote learning hasn’t ever been one of my strong points but like you say, being passionate about this should help 🙂

  2. I think probably uni courses assume no prior knowledge. When I did my nursing degree we seemed to go over a huge amount I had previously learnt at school, so I wouldn’t worry too much! I hope you enjoy it!

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