Running the Birmingham Half Marathon

I recently decided that I was no longer going to conceal the fact that I’m living in Birmingham these days. I originally planned not to post about it, because of concerns about the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s policy on internet use (many nurses and midwives have been pulled up for posting inappropriately on the internet), but I decided a far better solution was to simply not talk about my midwifery placements or anything that might be confidential – since I wouldn’t do that anyway, there was no need to be cagey about where I’m doing my degree. And it was preventing me from talking about some awesome stuff – visiting Cadbury World, which is so close to where I live that I can sometimes smell chocolate, the Library of Birmingham gala open day (I missed seeing Malala Yousafzai by ten minutes) and the 4 Squares Weekend that has just happened. I might write a post about some of those things soon but right now, a running update!

On October 20th I will be running the Birmingham Half Marathon. I’m running it for the Birmingham Women’s Hospital, who I might do my midwifery placements with, but even if I end up based somewhere else it’s still a great cause. They have fantastic facilities for women who want to give birth in a home-like environment but be close by if medical intervention is needed. They’re also investing heavily in care for premature and sick babies. It’s pretty amazing how early babies can be born and still survive with the sort of care that the hospital provide.

Anyway, that’s enough of my advertising spiel. If you would like to donate to the charity my JustGiving page is here. On horrible days when I would much prefer to stay in bed than get up and go out for a run in the rain, the thought that I’ve committed to the race and to the charity (normally…) drags me out. It’s also helpful that I’m running with the local club, because running on your own is. so. boring. Last Sunday I managed 10 miles (significantly further than I’d managed before) because I was with a bunch of other people who are also doing the half marathon, although I have to admit that I was aching for days afterwards!

This is my last week before uni starts, so I’m getting myself sorted and enjoying my last few days of having nothing to do. On Wednesday my brother is coming to visit, and yesterday Stumo stayed the night on his way from Wales to Cornwall and we went out to a bar restaurant which had a vegan menu as well as typical pub food – this is almost unheard of, by the way. And at the weekend I’m volunteering at a literary festival, which will take my mind off the slight anxiety of Freshers’ Week all over again.


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