The Advent of Autumn

Autumn has been my favourite time of year for as long as I can recall. I love the weather; the cool crispness of the air, the colour of the leaves, the smell of bonfires, the comfortable feeling of being inside on a dark evening. After a week of drizzle and occasional showers which turned the canal towpath to a sea of mud, this weekend has been perfect. Yesterday afternoon I met up with a friend who had borrowed a dog from a man at church and we tramped round yet another new park. It was just warm enough not to need coats and just cool enough not to be tiring. Oddly there weren’t many people out; at one point the children’s playground had mysteriously emptied, which was useful for us as it meant we felt safer letting the dog off his lead (fortunately, he knew where the dog biscuits were and always came back when we called him!).

It’s been a bit of a mixed week, as I’m finding it hard to adjust to the new schedule, and the structure of my new degree, so it was lovely to just be outside with a friend and a dog enjoying the sunshine and not having to worry about anything more than a few self-important geese. In the evening I was babysitting for two boys whose mother I randomly met in the local shop last week; the boys were both sound asleep when I arrived so I spent four hours doing a bit of studying, reading Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca and enjoying the treat of being in a house with more than one room, sitting on a real sofa.

It’s funny really; after the number of dead ends I’ve followed in the search for a babysitting job, the unexpected encounter in a shop seems likely to be the one that actually turns into a semi-regular arrangement. By coincidence the family attend the same church as me, although I have been going to the evening services while they are normally at the morning ones so we hadn’t met before. They’re also close by, unlike the people who have contacted me wanting a regular babysitter. One was honest enough to tell me that I wasn’t reliable enough (I was upfront about the fact that I couldn’t promise every weekend, due to my university placements) and the other never emailed me back, so either I charge too much or they need more certainty of hours.

This morning I was up bright and early because I’d volunteered to be a marshal for the running club’s annual 10k race. I had thought about running it myself as preparation for the half marathon but in the end they seemed to need marshals more than I wanted to race! I was stationed very near the finish line, so I encouraged people as they came round for their first lap and cheered them on at the end of the second. There was a moment of drama when one participant collapsed a little further back along the route; someone running past told me and I sprinted over, mentally reviewing my emergency first aid training, but I have to admit I was relieved to arrive and discover that another runner had stopped and got him into the recovery position. She turned out to be a nurse, so I stayed to help her and took mental notes for future reference. It was the first time I’d encountered a situation where first aid would have been useful, and I don’t think I was really prepared for it.

Fortunately he didn’t seem injured; we didn’t know what had caused him to collapse but it was an unusually warm day, it was his first race and he had been running pretty hard. The ambulance team arrived to take over and he seemed to be recovering but I was glad he was in professional hands just in case. Heartbreakingly, once he had come round enough to realise what had happened he was desperate to be allowed out of the ambulance to run the final half mile and finish the race. All I can hope is that he is able to do another 10k soon and complete it. It was a salutory experience both from the first aid perspective (time to read over my handbook again) and because I’ll be attempting twice that distance in two weeks and would prefer to make it to the end! If you’d like to sponsor me and give me even more impetus to keep plodding on, my JustGiving page is here and I’d really appreciate it – I’m running on behalf of the Birmingham Women’s Hospital.


2 thoughts on “The Advent of Autumn

  1. Smiling at your friend ‘borrowing a dog’ for the afternoon! It seems like such a strange thing to borrow, although when you then described the park I began to understand. A walk in the park is always made much better by the presence of a dog.
    Glad you’ve found a baby sitting job. God works it all out perfectly doesn’t He?

    • That’s what the mother of the boys said actually – she walked into the shop, I seized the day, and she said “actually we do have a babysitting dilemma… God moves in mysterious ways!”. And then of course finding out that we go to the same church just sealed it.
      My friend and I are both dog fans but sadly I don’t have space and she hasn’t decided whether to get one (she’s moving in a year). He was a very well behaved borrowed dog!

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