This isn’t quite a real post, sorry

I have been completely hopeless at blogging lately, because I’ve been very busy but not in a particularly bloggable way. I had a nice weekend in Yorkshire with some midwifery friends but otherwise I’ve just been pottering along with my life: studying in university, tagging along after midwives on my placement days, working in the shop, babysitting intermittently, getting elected as one of the course reps for my cohort and a committee member for the community shop, going to various church services around the city and meeting new people at social events organised via the internet – whatever would we do without the internet?! Much less, probably.

It’s probably fairly apparent to anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog for a while that I’m addicted to being busy, so it won’t surprise anyone to hear that I’ve been gradually piling on extra commitments and new things to do. Mostly they’re great fun and not usually totally set in stone which is ideal: I can cancel things if I need an evening in on my own with a book, and if I need company I have always got something to do.

Just two weeks to go until this academic term finishes. It’s staggering to think how much I’ve learnt in the last three months. 99% of my current knowledge of human biology was completely absent when I started the course, and I’m expected to pass a degree-level exam on it next month! Fast-paced isn’t really the word. And in less than three weeks I shall be off to Norway for Christmas again. Here’s hoping it will be a little warmer than the -27 bitterness of my last visit.

2 thoughts on “This isn’t quite a real post, sorry

    • Thanks! I only need to get 40% to pass, and 40% of the marks are for questions we’ve already seen – so really, I should be fine! But I’d prefer to better than just scraping a pass.

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