Moving… again

When I first moved into this flat, I wrote about how excited I was that I wouldn’t have to move house for at least the next three years. I was really looking forward to having my own space, and knowing that it would be mine until I chose to move. I knew it was possible I might decide to move on sooner than three years, but I didn’t have to.

It was lovely, and I have enjoyed living in my tiny flat. It’s a bit like living in a dolls’ house, but a rather noisy dolls’ house with not quite enough space. Eventually, I decided it was probably time to look for somewhere bigger.

The initial plan was to move to a flat that cost slightly less than the current one, but I had real difficulties getting in to view it. The tenant hadn’t moved out and they weren’t responding to the letting agency’s calls, so the agent suggested that I view a different, empty flat in the same building to get a feel for the place. I went along and really liked the flat; it was quite a bit larger than my current one, with more windows, and on the top floor so I wouldn’t get noise from upstairs (and not over a pub!). The man who showed me round was candidly honest with me and said that the flat I had originally been interested in was very small and looked out onto the wall of the next building so didn’t get a lot of light. I struck it off my mental list of possibilities and sat down to do some sums.

Long story short, I took the upper-floor flat even though it meant quite a substantial increase in rent. It’s still affordable, although I’ll have to be on top of my budget, and it seemed worth it to get away from the noise here. As if to cement my decision, the evening after I’d handed in my application form to rent the new flat, the club downstairs made an absolute ungodly racket until after midnight and my neighbours woke me the next day with the sort of noises I really would rather not hear first thing on a Sunday morning.

So a year to the day since I moved out of my college, I am moving again. My tenancies overlap by five days, so that I have time to move without a big panic – especially important as my last exam of the academic year was scheduled for some time during that week, but I didn’t know which day (I now know it is on Tuesday). My family have been great, all pitching in to either help me clear out stuff I didn’t need (my brother), do almost all my packing with my half-hearted assistance (my mum) or volunteer to drive all the boxes and bags the short distance to the new flat and help me move in (my dad and stepmum). Moving is one of the things I hate more than anything else; not so much the actual move but the painful process of dismantling my safe little nest and packing everything away until I find myself living in a sea of boxes and not being able to find anything. Because we managed to get almost everything packed by mid-afternoon on Wednesday and I won’t be properly moving into the next flat until next Thursday, I am currently in a weird limbo where almost all my stuff is out of reach and I can’t get into the freezer because of all the boxes.

My friends have been helping to distract me though. KT stayed over on Thursday night and we made a mad dash to the Cadbury World shop before she left, so that she could buy her bodyweight in chocolate. On Saturday Stumo will be visiting, and at some point next week I’ll hopefully be meeting up with a friend for lunch in amongst the moving chaos. I’m getting a bit bored of study leave, especially since I only have one exam and am finding it hard to feel any particular urgency about it, so it’s good to have things to fill my time and create some time pressure, even if it’s artificial time pressure!

What else is going on in my life? I’m taking a summer course in Arabic, the community shop has closed and I’ve handed over all responsibility for the finances to someone else, the opera finished at the start of the month and basically I am enjoying having a slightly less hectic life. I’m still doing a lot, but I have far fewer commitments. In fact, the only regular commitments I have now are my degree and Arabic, and in three weeks the Arabic course will be over and I’ll just have summer placement. It’s a nice feeling!


4 thoughts on “Moving… again

  1. I hope you enjoy living in your new flat, and I really hope it’s quiet! Noise is one thing I hate and, like you, would be willing to pay more for a bit of peace and quiet!

    • Thanks! I can’t see how it could possibly NOT be quieter – if the neighbours are loud I will be able to complain to the letting agency, which I couldn’t do in the old place since the noisy people were my landlords… I’m off to sign, pay and pick up the keys in an hour!

    • To facilitate the nesting, my dad and his partner have driven off to Nottingham (about an hour and a half away from here) to pick up a bed we just spontaneously bought off eBay. It is an awesome transformer bed which can be a sofa, a single or a double, and has storage drawers!

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