First Time a Bridesmaid

bridesmaid-smallI’ve never particularly gone in for dreaming about weddings – my own or other people’s. I’ve been to quite a few by now; friends’, my mum’s second marriage, and weddings I’ve sung at as a choral scholar. I enjoy them, I’d like to have one of my own some day, but I don’t get particularly mushy over them.

But when my friend Amelia, who I’ve known for a long time through the Folkworks summer school, asked me if I would be one of her bridesmaids, I turned into a squealing caricature of a stereotypical girly girl. She told me more about her plans for the wedding and it sounded wonderful: a tea-party themed wedding in a forest, at a glamping site where the guests could stay the night.

I first met Amelia’s now-husband Rob when we all went to London for a concert, and they are so well suited. For years now Amelia has been one of my closest friends so it was a real delight to see her so happy. Being at the wedding was a privilege and being asked to be a part of it was even more special, particularly when she asked me if I would sing something while the marriage certificate was being signed. The other two bridesmaids, Amelia’s school friends, sang and played as Amelia walked down the aisle (and I did my best to stop her beautiful lace train from gathering a forest’s-worth of woodchip). It was just a lovely ceremony.

The whole weekend was lovely in fact, and as a little extra bonus for me I got to cross something off my bucket list! The three bridesmaids and Amelia all had dresses made of matching fabrics in different colours, and Amelia wore hers for the registry office part of the proceedings. I’ve wanted a dress that was made to fit me for a quite a while, since it’s often hard to find things that fit everywhere at once, and now I have one!


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