Home Sweet Pocket-Sized Home

I’ve been living in my lovely new flat for two months now and it seemed like time to do a photo tour! I’m quite pleased with how much storage I have compared to the old flat, which was about half the size of this one, and the fact that everything has somewhere to live means that it’s a lot easier to keep it tidy. I’ll admit that I did a quick whip round to tidy a few odds and ends before taking the photos, but it took no more than five minutes – it really does look like this most of the time, mum! My fifteen minutes of daily housework habit has helped a lot in this respect.

Several friends have commented on their first visit that they would love to have a flat like this, I feel very lucky to live here. It gets a lot of light as the skylight faces east and the windows face west (there is also a window in the bathroom and the top half isn’t frosted so I can watch the clouds from the shower – far nicer than the cave-like room in my old place). I’m on the top floor of my building so there’s not a lot of noise and because it’s so compact, it warms up quickly and the windows provide a great through-draft on hot days.

front-doorThis is the view as you walk in through the door. The bathroom is directly opposite, and it sticks out into the room, which creates a nice sense of separate zones without dividing walls between “rooms”. I was growing frustrated that I had nowhere logical to store the bags that I regularly use – one is for placement, one for university and one for going into town and so forth – and suddenly remembered I had a spare overdoor hanger that was ideal for the job!

bedroomTo the right of the bathroom is my bedroom. The bed is a fabulous IKEA find which my dad and Gill tracked down on eBay at a vastly discounted price, bought for me and went on an overnight round trip to fetch the day I moved in. In the picture it’s in sofa mode, but when I clear the cushions off (they live in the space on top of the folded down table, which serves as a nightstand and also the music corner!) it becomes a single bed. The base pulls out to convert it into a double bed, and there are two massive storage drawers where I keep spare bedding, towels, duvets, air beds and tablecloths. It is the most wonderfully versatile piece of furniture I have ever seen!

kitchenOver to the left side of the flat is the kitchen, which is actually a bit smaller than my old flat’s kitchen was and as a result lacks a microwave and a freezer, although the fridge does have an icebox. I’d have liked a bit more space here but it does the job for now. Some day I’ll have my dream kitchen!

dining-room The dining table – a very exciting feature to me, after a year of eating perched on the corner of my bed – is also in the kitchen end of the flat. The kitchen has a strip of wipe-clean flooring, which is very sensible, but the dining area has the same carpet as the rest of the room, which also serves nicely to divide up the space.

living-roomThis is the area I consider to be my living room; the arm chair was the result of an epic adventure to collect it from a woman selling via Craigslist, the small table is my craft table and contains my knitting, drawing, colouring, sewing and general crafting supplies as well as housing my current book most of the time, and the bean bag gets shifted round the room so that I can catch the sunlight while I read.

officeThis was another of my favourite features of the flat: the office nook. As soon as I saw it for the first time I knew I wanted to put a desk in here, and was really pleased to find that my bookcase would fit comfortably under the sloping roof. For the first time since I became an undergraduate five years ago, I have everything I need for studying within arm’s reach and the desk has a pull-out shelf underneath the top surface which doubles my workspace. I often move to the armchair to read or watch videos, as a bit of a change of pace. Sometimes I’ll spread out across the floor with all my textbooks and just enjoy having enough room to do that!

wardrobeThis rounds out the tour, because directly to the right is the door that we “entered” in through. This built-in wardrobe has a hanging rail that houses a lot of my clothes, a shelf for laundry-related items and things I don’t use often like suitcases, and at the bottom I keep my vacuum cleaner and all my shoes. It swallows a remarkable amount of stuff!

There are still a few things I need to get, like a proper bin (at the moment I put rubbish into a carrier bag and take it out to the dumpsters outside when the bag is full), and I’m also considering changing the curtains – the orange ones came with the flat and I would obviously have to keep them to put them back when I move out, but my brother’s old bedroom curtains are a much nicer blue which I feel is more “me”. On the whole though, I love this flat and it is always lovely to come home to it!


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Pocket-Sized Home

    • Thanks! And although I am a student, I’m now entering my sixth year as a student… I had really had enough of student halls! I have quite a lot of jobs and a terrifying amount of student debt in order to afford to live alone, but I decided it was a priority because it’s pretty crucial for my mental stability. And I do love it here 😀

    • That’s my favourite feature! It gives the flat so much character, and doesn’t get in my way at all – I was worried I’d bang my head if I put the pillows at that end but I don’t at all 🙂

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